We need to hear more data success stories🏆 

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Companies on the brink of collapse have literally been saved by value hidden in their data.

But how often do we tell (and hear) these incredible stories?

Data people are so often instrumental in the success of their organisations but we are easily the very worst at letting the world know about it. 

Why is that? 

We bleat on and on about 'data story telling' - but when was the last time you told an inspiring story about data? 

Either at work, during a presentation or even on LinkedIn?

I want to be inspired and reminded about the power of data, and why I got into data in the first place. I want to see up and coming data leaders discover what's possible and to feel inspired and motivated to achieve great things. 

We ALL need to reminded of what data is capable of. 

We ALL need to be inspired to chase those wins and challenge the status quo.

It's through stories that we achieve great things with data, and so it must also be through stories that we let the world know just what's possible. 

So don't be afraid to share your data success stories!! 🥇 

Let us hear them!!

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