Are you into group stuff?

Data group stuff, that is...

Special Announcement!

Data Leadership Group Coaching with me is kicking off in March!!! 🎉

For anyone who’s considered leadership coaching but is not sure where to start, group coaching might just be what you’re looking for.

What is Data Leadership Group Coaching?

Data and analytics is an awesome and rewarding career. But knowing how to build and grow your career is not always obvious.

If you're looking to excel in your data career faster than you thought possible, then group coaching might be for you.

Join me and a handful of other data leaders from around the world as we take a look at a range of challenges holding you back from achieving amazing things with your career.

I will bring together my 14+ years of data and analytics experience, including my time as Global Head of Data at a >$1B Fortune 500 company, to support, guide and prompt you to challenge yourself and to grow in your data career.

How does it work?

  • 4×1 hr sessions held over 4 weeks

  • Up to 6 participants per session

  • Discussion focused around specific needs of participants.

  • Price is £297

What to expect from Group Coaching

  • Groups will be no more than 6 participants

  • Participants in each group will be at similar level in their careers

  • Coaching will focus on common challenges shared within the group

  • Sessions will be held over zoom

First cohort confirmed starts on Tuesday the 5th of March at 9am - UK time.

Message me if you’d specifically like to be in this group!