Democracy ain't all it's cracked up to be...

Data democracy that is...

A Cautionary Tale About Data Democratisation.

But first, a Dilbert comic:

Lol - AI is making this so much worse now too!

Picture this scenario

You’re presenting a thoroughly executed analysis to a group of business stakeholders. You're in the middle of delivering your insight when you're rudely interrupted by some idiot you work with.

"That's not what I saw when I did my analysis" they say.

"Sh*t", you mutter quietly to yourself. "Not this again...."

This scenario is the outcome of a poorly executed exercise in Data Democratisation. You've given them just enough data to be dangerous with it and now you're paying the price!

Let me ask you this: Are you focused on Democratising Data?

It's a worthy goal but in many organisations it's an enormous challenge.

For most people, Data Democratisation begins and ends with dashboards.

But true Data Democratisation is SO much more than just dashboards.

First off, let's be clear on the definition of Data Democratisation:

"To make digital information available to the end user and to allow non-data experts to be able to gather and analyse data without expert help."

Sounds great, right?

On the surface, data democratisation is a worthy cause.

But in practice it is fraught with potential dangers.

Namely: misinterpretation.

We as data professionals cannot simply provide access to data, whether raw or in visualisation form, without also providing a fundamental understanding of data and relevant statistical concepts that underpin it.

Otherwise we risk severe misinterpretation and or selective use of data that can lead to seriously misinformed decision making. This will invariable fall back on us if we are not careful.

There must be no data without first education.

This is true data leadership.

Access to data is like driving a car. It can be very safe in the hands of those who have passed the test and proven their ability to use it responsibly. But in the hands of those who have not.... it can be an extremely dangerous weapon.

Stay safe out there!

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